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Finger Food & Greek Specialities

Whether it’s just a few dishes or a full buffet required, we offer a wide selection of foods which have been carefully selected to suit any occasion.

Everything is prepared to order with fresh and good quality ingredients so our dishes reach you at their best.
Below are some samples of what we provide. Please contact us for our full list with prices.

Traditional Greek food:

Koftedes - Greek Meatballs 

Macaronis dou fournou, macaroni with mince topped with bechamel sauce oven baked

Koubebia/ Dolmades - mince and rice or vegetables wrapped in vine leaves  
Bourekia - sweet pastries with soft anari cheese filling

Mini koubes - meat or mushroom filling encased in bulgur wheat 

Mini eliotes - olive pastries

Mini Spanakopites - Spinach and feta pastry parcels 

Mini Baklava (layers of filo pastry with nuts and coated with syrup)

Mini Galadoboureko (filo pastry filled with semolina custard and coated with syrup)

(please enquire for full list available)

Other foods:

Sandwich platters

Mini quiches (V) 

Mini Red Onion and Feta Tartlets 

Sweet potato falafel (V)

Chicken wings and drumsticks 

Chicken goujons in breadcrumbs 


Sausage rolls 

Salmon side with black pepper and lemon

Smoked salmon platter

Cold Meats platter

Antipasti selection

Roast beef joint sliced

(please enquire for full list available)

Bowl dishes:

Greek salad (with onion, feta, and black olives)

Greek Potato salad with lemon, Parsley and olive oil (V)

Roasted baby potato salad

Variety of Pasta salads

Sweet potato salad (V)

Variety of Cous Cous salads 

(please enquire for full list available)


Chocolate Fudge cup cakes with buttercream swirls 

Mini Victoria Sponges with fresh cream 

Mini lemon curd cakes with fresh cream 

Mini Carrot Cakes 

Fruit platters 

Mini Fruit Tarts  

Chocolate brownies

Marshmallow, brownies and strawberry sticks

Fresh cream Scones

(full list of foods available on request)